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17th Century Frenc... A tin can was being used as a flower vase and  was accidentally left on this 17th Century French Alter table.
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Quality Furniture Restoration has become known as one of the leading furniture repair companies in the United States. We offer fine craftsmanship and custom finishes along with finest repairs and restoration to any piece.

We believe in our craft and we also believe that the quality of work that we strive for comes from working closely with our clients. It's through this process that we attain the results that you'll be happy with.

We believe in preserving the integrity and unique characteristics of every piece we work on. We take pride in the hand-worked process; from stripping and sanding, to repairs as basic as re-gluing a loose chair.

Known for our attention to detail and color matching, we will give new life and beauty to your furniture for generations! We are a family-owned company that is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality services and customer care.

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